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10 super easy and low-budget recipes with canned tuna for dinner!

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If you have canned tuna in your cupboards, know that it is possible to make many generous dishes at a low price! We give you 10 to cook on a weeknight. The fastest require only 10 minutes of preparation. Comfortingly, these cupboard recipes are just waiting to be tasted quickly!

Tuna is an ingredient that we all have in our cupboards. Cheap and which does not necessarily require cooking, it is the ally of meal weeknight, fastbut always greedy.⏱

If you’re on a tight budget and want to whip up simple dishes when you get home after a hard day’s work, we’ve got some ideas you can add to your cookbook ASAP. Tuna nuggets ready in 15 minutes, brick, quiche, flan or even quinoa and tuna salad, you are spoiled for choice.

Bonus recipe : if you are fond of cupboard tasting, this article about an Italian recipe with cupboard bottoms will surely please you! 🍝

1. Tuna nuggets

2. Quick Tuna Cake

3. Express tuna brandade

4. Quinoa salad with carrots and tuna

5. Tuna Quiche

6. Tuna rods

7. Tuna and mozzarella pasta gratin

8. Tuna pasta

9. Tuna flan and leek coulis

10. Tuna curry shallot muffins

Even more gourmet ideas for a weeknight…

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