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100 recipes for a holiday menu

Christmas 2022 is fast approaching and you are already looking for the ideal menu? Discover all our easy recipes for a smart, original or traditional menu.

Every year, Christmas ignites passions and gathers those who celebrate it around a table for an explosion of gourmet and tasty meals. What are your wishes for Christmas 2022? Of starter for dessertthis party allows you to end the year in style, with simple and easy recipes for all. Among all the recipes that can possibly be obtained during this period, it is difficult to know where to start. Traditional, gourmet, cheap, easy… discover our ideas for turnkey meals ! From the famous turkey stuffed with oysters, to Christmas log for dessert, we have everything you need to create a complete Christmas menu. If you want to think outside the box, vegetarian recipes and original will surprise your guests to Christmas lunch. All you have to do is put on your apron and chef hat!

To organize your Christmas meal, there is nothing better than giving your menu a theme. The goal is to make your work easier and to facilitate the creation of your shopping list before D-Day. find a set starters-main courses-desserts distributed according to your culinary preferences, your food processor or your wishes. All you have to do is choose!

Christmas log authentic, salmon verrine ready in 10 minuteseggnog or chocolate cake great manager… At Christmas, all dishes can cook easily. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen to pamper yourself. Choose simplicity with this selection of meals that only take you a few minutes without losing their flavor.

While holiday food can be expensive, there are some alternatives celebrate Christmas on a tight budget, because this celebration does not necessarily mean excessive expenditure. A Christmas meal is, above all, made with the heart, for a moment of coziness. Duck terrine, smoked trout blinis, egg yolk cheese… All our special Christmas recipes at low prices.

Of specific products eaten at Christmas and gives you the opportunity to fill up on flavor in one bite. For a Christmas party that couldn’t be more traditional, you can go for chestnuts, stuffed guinea fowl or even the famous scallops. As a bonus, nothing prevents you from revisiting these traditional dishes to create original recipes, such as macarons with cream and truffle oil.

To put the small dishes in the big ones and impress your guests during this big holiday, take the bet on originality with an innovative Christmas menu. Log in lollipops, arugula crown and bites of black pudding will seduce all palates and make this party an unforgettable moment.

It is quite possible to combine a single Christmas meal without skimping on the elegant and classy aspect of December 24 and 25. Everything depends on the presentation of the plate. A simple and light Christmas is also a guarantee of magic during this particular period. Zoom in on these recipes rich in simplicity that allow you to prepare beautiful dishes effortlessly.

If the majority of Christmas products are of animal origin, it is not mission impossible to prepare a vegan or vegetarian Christmas dinner! Food preferences, for whatever reason, are completely in line with Christmas. To do this, you need to trust your culinary creativity ! For example one pumpkin hummus or a vegetarian salad can serve as an appetizer. Risotto with pesto or vegetarian chili will be able to please your loved ones with the main course. And to end on a sweet note, one vanilla coconut tofu log will melt the most hardened. Take a tour of vegetarian or vegan Christmas dishes, without excluding the traditional aspect of this holiday.

All our recipes for a Christmas and closing menu:

Christmas is also the opportunity to improvise as a chef for an evening, with recipe ideas specially designed for this occasion. Sparkling cocktails, sparkling glasses, enchanted desserts, all the magic of Christmas can be found in these festive dishes. For amateurs, tips and inspiration to maximize your chances of having a successful Christmas meal. And for the most curious, a cultural point to learn all about culinary traditions around Christmas.

If our menu ideas have got you drooling, or the desire to create your own recipe, don’t hesitate Submit your recipe on the site of the Women’s Journal. Submitting recipes makes it especially possible to participate in the competition and win exceptional products.



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