12:30 news – Unemployment insurance: what does the government’s roadmap contain?

12:30 news - Unemployment insurance: what does the government's roadmap contain?

On Monday 12 September, the government presented its roadmap for the reform of unemployment insurance. The unions were received on Monday rue de Grenelle, in the Ministry of Labour. An interview is far from a negotiation, as the course is already fixed.

Among all the planned measures, one of them is highlighted: unemployment rights adapted to the economic situation. This means more flexible compensation terms in times of full employment, but conversely tougher when there are tensions on the labor market as today.

For Minister Olivier Dussopt, there is “urgency”. It must be understood that given the labor shortage we are witnessing, with 7.5% unemployed, the current rules are too generous.

For specific application methods, the government is still hesitating. Three options are on the table: to change and – therefore, given the economic situation – to lower the amount of benefits, their duration or finally extend the working hours needed to access unemployment insurance.

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