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2 kittens found on a construction site find a warm home as Christmas approaches

From the earliest days of their existence, Holly and Noelle faced a rocky start. Fortunately, they leave the street at the age of 3 weeks to join the foster home in Nadija. It will be the ideal place to let them bloom, paw by paw. These felines are now ready to perform wonders throughout their lives!

2 twenty-day-old kittens were found on a construction site last October. These 2 furballs were alone, left to fend for themselves, without their mother or other felines around, reports lovemeow.

They were entrusted to vets, then to Nadiafoster mother for cats at Tiny Paws Fosters, in Florida. Despite a difficult beginning, the 2 sisters were loving towards their benefactor from the first moments.

“They were purring all the time!”

Nadia it didn’t take long to realize that Holly and Noelle are inseparable. They do everything together and each other’s company is enough to make them happy. They also like to spend time with Nadiaand follow her to the 4 corners of the house at all times.

Holly and Noelle never leave each other and they are perfectly complementary. According to their foster mother, their characters are total opposites! Holly is a veritable ball of energy just waiting to be played while Noelle is much cuter than her sister. The kittens then alternate between games and dodos to please each other.

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Today the 2 kittens are over 2 months old and ready to start the next chapter of their lives. Nadia wish with all my heart that these sisters are adopted into one and the same home where they will do wonders throughout their lives.





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