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2 loan agreements with ADB for grain cultivation and generalization of social security

In detail, the Support Program for the Competitive and Resilient Development of Cereal Crops (PADCRC) benefits from a loan of 199 million euros (i.e. approximately 2.16 billion dirhams), while the Support Program for the Generalization of Social Coverage (PAGCS) benefits from an amount. of €87 million (ie approximately 944 million dirhams).

The aim of the first program is to contribute to the implementation of reforms aimed at developing the productivity and resilience of grain production to guarantee food security and reduce dependence on grain imports.

As for the second programme, it aims to support the priority project of generalizing social protection, in particular supporting the achievement of universal health coverage, expanding the pension system, generalizing family allowances and improving the management and efficiency of the social protection system.

On this occasion, the Minister congratulated LEKJAA on the level and quality of the cooperation relations between Morocco and the African Development Bank and thanked this institution in the person of Achraf TARSIM for the precious and constant support that it provides to Morocco for the implementation of essential structural reforms.

At the end of this signing, the minister and the resident representative of the National Office of the African Development Bank confirmed their desire to work more to strengthen this exemplary cooperation.




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