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2 months after being rescued from a dog fighting ring, dog discovers family life

A young animal lover fell in love with a dog that had recently been rescued by the police. The dog had been subjected to abuse, probably within a dog fighting network, before police intervention. A new life could thus begin for her.

Sylvia Ford13 years, stay Madison in the state of Mississippi (USA) with his brother give6 years, his parents Timekia and Davidand their dog Charlie. The family had another canine member, but Max died last September aged 18 years. She was looking for another dog to adopt.

Sylvia Ford is a regular at the local shelter. Animal lover, she goes there often. So she did with her family in October to meet her future 4-legged friend.

At the time, she was in a wheelchair due to a rare condition called complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). At the shelter, she noticed Princess blue, a shy dog, but very gentle. The latter followed her and even landed on his knees, remaining completely still for a long time. “That’s when I knew she had to come home with me. “, confides the young girl Madison County Journal.

Shortly before arriving at the shelter, Princess blue still living a real nightmare. She was part of a group of 11 dogs that the police rescued from Madison during a traffic check. The suspects were probably involved in a sad case of dog fighting.

Princess blue still carries the psychological repercussions today. Timekia Ford especially says she gets scared as soon as she sees a broom.

Princess Blue was able to discover her new home

After the first meeting with the female dog, Sylvia Ford had to undergo 6 weeks of physical therapy at a children’s hospital in Florida. During his hospitalization, the shelter team regularly sent him news and pictures Princess blue. The latter was really a source of motivation for the little one.

She was able to complete her treatment and gradually regained her mobility. She was ready to see again Princess blue and above all to welcome him home. Sylvia Ford and so her parents returned to the shelter in December and the adoption was formalized.

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Illustration of the article: 2 months after being rescued from a dog fighting ring, a dog discovers family life
Madison County Journal

For the dog, it is a completely new start and the discovery of family life. A loving and caring family that every day helps her to forget her traumas and find happiness.





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