3 years after being discovered chained during a hurricane, a dog overcomes its trauma and lives again (video)

Maggie has come a long way and can be proud of what she has achieved. This dog left to itself and chained during the passage of a hurricane was afraid of the rain. Thanks to whoever adopted her after her rescue, she was able to overcome her fears and start a new life.

It is difficult for a dog to forget its trauma, but it is not completely impossible. The history about Maggie is the most eloquent proof of this. It is reported by Newsweek.

Maggiefemale Pitbull, is the main character in a particularly moving video where we see the dog enjoying his new life after suffering terrible ordeals.

Posted on account TikTok@maggiepotamus_ », shows the order in question Maggie peacefully lying on his comfortable basket, stretched out on a blanket, and then running with and without a raincoat in the rain.


I am so proud of how far she has come ???? #totheforager #believeinyou #rescuedog @Tom Rosenthal

? To the Forager – Tom Rosenthal

Run in the rain… This is trivial for most dogs, but this was completely unthinkable Maggie In the past.

3 years earlier this dog had actually been rescued when she had been abandoned in the middle of a hurricane. The poor girl was chained up, completely soaked and terrified, as her owner explains in the video.

Afraid of the rain

Maggie was extremely afraid of the rain after this episode. His trauma was such that he refused to go out to relieve himself for almost 24 hours because it was raining that day. This caused him to contract a urinary tract infection.

Fortunately, all that is far behind her now. She is enjoying her new life with a loving family and is happier than ever.

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@maggiepotamus_ / TikTok

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The video moved many netizens on TikTok, as is evident from the comments. ” I can’t even imagine how scared she must have been chained in the storm “, one of those people responded. ” Maggie has a good life now. Thanks for saving her! another commented. ” People can be so cruel. I’m so glad you’re safe now honey “, we can also read among these comments.


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