35 Dishes That Will Kill Your Appetite (Part 2)

35 Dishes That Will Kill Your Appetite (Part 2)

There are tons of cooking recipes around the world, but the taste is not the same depending on your geographical location. And if we add chefs who want to stand out from the rest, we can quickly see a dish on our plate that can spoil our appetite. This is what we are going to discover in this selection of photos shared on the Wreckless Eating Facebook page. You can see sushi-style pizzas, cordon bleu filled with tagliatelle or noodles with a chocolate bar. Keep a plastic bag or a trash can next to you… And it’s not over, around here you can find others.

1/ Pizza-Sushi

2/ Cordon bleu with tagliatelle

3/ Taco-shaped pizza

4/ A watermelon as a container

5/ An XXL burger with a cheese crust

6/ A Nutella Cookie pizza

7/ sweet hot dogs

8/ A Mozzarella burger

9/ Sweet or salty?

10/ A crab pizza

11/ a white bean cake

12/ a sandwich with stuffed olives

13/ a green bean and tuna salad with mustard

14/ sweet boiled eggs

15/ a pasta and egg sandwich

16/ A cheddar pineapple bite

17/ an Oreo with white beans

18/ a raisin sandwich

19/ a pizza with white beans in sauce

20/ Chocolate noodles

21/ salad ice cream

22/ Sweet banana sushi

23/ cereal with white beans

24/ a potato filled with white beans and cheddar

25/ a chip sandwich

26/ a sushi-style brioche

27/ a pizza with all the remaining cheese

28/ a pizza with fries

29/ a questionable pizza

30/ a smurf pizza

31/ Fun mix

32/ How about an Oreo in a pizza

33/ a pizza from Australia

34/ What is this pickle doing here?

35/ Pasta and square of biscuit chocolate

Afterwards there are also vintage dishes which are no better and which were really served.


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