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39% of the French are willing to spend more for a company that protects their data

A new study* carried out by OpenText highlights the growing concern of the French about the confidentiality and protection of personal data. The results show a lack of trust in how companies store and use their data. To ensure consumer loyalty, companies need to improve information management and protection.

new concerns

The post-pandemic world and the massive use of digital technology in daily life have given rise to new concerns: the French are increasingly wary of those who have access to their personal data. So much so that three quarters of consumers (75%) say they are concerned about how organizations use their data.

Among the reasons: the generalization of remote work: 74% of consumers are more concerned about their personal data now that companies use it. As a result, 40% require these companies to ensure full security regardless of the workplace.

Protect data to maintain trust and loyalty

Data protection is important to French consumers, although half of them (49%) have no idea what information is used, stored and accessible by organizations.

More than two in five French people (39%) are willing to spend more with an organization that is expressly committed to protecting their personal data, compared to just 17% in a similar survey conducted by OpenText in March 2020.

But only one in five French people (21%) fully trust all the companies they interact with to protect their data. 29% of respondents would not hesitate to turn their backs on a company they are loyal to in the event of inadequate protection or a breach of their personal data.
In detail, 26% would turn away from a company in the absence of a response to a GDPR request, whether to exercise the right to information or the right to access, rectification or erasure.

Finally, 31% would leave an organization that shares their personal data with third parties for purposes other than those intended.

Andy Teichholz, Global Industry Strategist, Compliance and Legal at OpenText, explains:
“Enterprise information management solutions have never been more essential. While they enable compliance with data protection and privacy laws, they also offer a significant competitive advantage and stand out as a vector of differentiation to maintain customer loyalty. »

This survey was commissioned by OpenText and conducted by 3Gem in March 2022. 27,000 consumers were surveyed anonymously worldwide (US, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Australia, Canada, Singapore, India, Brazil, Japan).




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