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4 signs that prove your dog loves you

A ball of hair with a sparkling, wise, energetic gaze, impatiently waiting for you to return home… How can you not succumb to his charm, his energetic welcome and the love he gives you? If you love your dog, it’s legitimate to want to make sure he loves you back. And some signs don’t lie.

You come back from a tiring day at work and surprise! The house is upside down. Cushions on the living room floor, your favorite shoes chewed on… You don’t know how to react. Under the influence of frustration, a small thought crosses your mind and you wonder with dismay if the dog is really the man’s friend! But enough remonstrances, you love him and you forgive him. A small doubt remains in you after all: “Does my dog ​​love me back? To this question we give you some answers.

A dog who loves his master. Source: spm

The dog, an ideal companion

The dog has a relaxed character and knows how to be endearing. With children or adults, it is the playmate, walks in the park or even in the moonlight (if you come home late at night). It animates your daily life and gives you comfort and serenity. Is he faithful, reassuring? Yes, and the dog feels indebted to his master, to adopt him, to feed him and to take care of him, but also to love him. A dog feels his owner’s love, and he can only be grateful to him. Of course, the dog’s character can vary depending on the breed. As explained by Elisabeth Tané, veterinarian, some dogs are independent, others like to exert themselves, but others depend on their master to play and need closeness with him. No doubt about communicating his love to you.

Our canine friends are creatures that respond to human smells and voices. A Japanese researcher, Takefumi Kikusui and professor at the Human-Animal Interaction Laboratory at Azabu University in Japan found through a study that dogs shed tears associated with positive emotions. Dogs would therefore have feelings and feel love for their masters. How do they prove it?

  • Wherever you go, your dog follows you

Not that he doesn’t need solitude, but he enjoys your company and follows you around the house. From the kitchen to the living room to the toilets, he never leaves you and always needs your presence. An unfailing attachment.

  • Your dog is looking for you

He looks at you with love

He looks at you with love. Source: spm

He is happy, safe … He is trying to catch your eye to send you a message full of love. “I’m happy for you and you make me happy”, he seems to say. Try to strengthen this bond and teach him to look to you if he needs reassurance.

  • You cannot ask for a better welcome from your dog

Barking, bursts of joy… It’s party time. He already senses your presence behind the door. He is happy to see you again, as if you have been gone for days, even months. He wags his tail to express his joy, he licks your face and it’s a sign of affection. So yes, he loves you, rest assured.

  • Your dog likes to sleep in your bed

A dog sleeping in his master's arms

A dog sleeping in his master’s arms. Source: spm

He trusts you, he feels safe and he sees you as his leader, so he likes to lie near you to relax. This trust he shows you shows his deep attachment and his love for you so he will watch over you in turn.

Observe your dog to find out how he interacts with you if you want to know if he likes you. You can see, hear, feel and understand… But deep down you might already know that he loves you, right?

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