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40-54 year olds worried about their retirement

While the trend is to target the younger generations to increase awareness of retirement and the opportunities to prepare for it, financial players may well need to revise their communication strategy. The next to know the effects are actually the 40-54 year olds who until now, on the altar of the consequences of the baby boom, demographics and the employability of the seniors, have the feeling of being “the sacrificed generation“, according to the Odoxa study for Abeille Assurances. However, it is never too late.

And the pension reform does nothing to put things right. The lack of confidence of the French is felt. They are more than 70% to be “concerned“on the termination of their business. The study thus shows that the new reform must be accompanied by increased support, information and advice on the spot, especially for the 40-54 age group. “Getting good advice from a general agent or wealth management advisor is key to preparing for your future retirement,” says Gaël Sliman, president and co-founder of Odexa.

75% of them believe that they will vote for the reform”would line up against the wall“to be warned”only 10 to 15 years before their retirement“. Faced with a supposed lack of time to prepare for this period of their lives, they underestimate their ability to save and the solutions put in place by the public authorities. Although the French are known for their behavior of “antswhen it comes to their savings. In other words, “whether the situation is good or bad, the French saver tends to overrideexplains Philippe Michel Labrosse, CEO of Abeille Assurances.

But beyond the need for education and information“The French greatly underestimate the number of years they will spend in retirement», explains the president and co-founder of Odoxa. Another misunderstanding faced by the generation of 40-54 year olds, while the future of French pensions no longer depends solely on the constitution of simple additional savings.




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