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48 hours later, she almost passes out in front of the unthinkable


Ludivine Mazzotti

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Codie lost her English Springer Spaniel named Maisie on November 5th. Pochen was scared when a firework suddenly erupted.

His dog ran off on the highway

Terrified by the firework explosions, Maisie fled and was last seen on a motorway.

Maisie’s whole family searched for her for two nights. Then in the morning, Codie found out that the body of an animal believed to be Maisie’s had been found.

Looking at the body, it really looked like Maisie’s.

Maisie’s whole family was devastated and they buried the dog in their backyard.

Turnaround situation

But that wasn’t the end. The following day, several accounts reported seeing Maisie.

With the help of the volunteer group Finding Ipswich Dogs Organization (FIDO) and a team of 20 people, further searches took place and Maisie was found at a market.

48 hours after being “buried” Maisie was able to come home!

Codie thinks it was the body of a fox that was actually buried.

Fortunately, the dog was not injured, but had an eye, ear and stomach infection. She is more than happy to be back home and her whole family is relieved!

Very happy to be reunited with his family.

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