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7 tips to prevent your cat from attacking the Christmas tree and knocking it over

The arrival of Christmas means that you will definitely have to live with your cat and a Christmas tree in your house. That cats love to play with fir trees and can reduce. Fortunately, there are a few tricks to keep your tree safe and prevent your cat from knocking it over.

Cat accused of destroying the Christmas tree

1 – Choose a tree with a wide and stable base

A slender tree with a small base is more likely to topple under the weight of a cat playing or climbing on it.

So take a wide base for your tree and also choose a tree with strong branches that do not break. Note that artificial trees are more stable than natural trees because they have a heavier base.

2 – Place the tree where your cat cannot reach it

If possible, put it in a corner of the room where your cat can’t make it or on a table.

3 – Occupy your cat with toys and activities so it doesn’t want to play with the tree

Try giving him interactive toys like scratch balls or cat trees so he can satisfy his natural instincts to explore and climb.

4 – Tie your tree to something heavy

Tie your tree to something heavy so your cat can’t knock it over. You can also use tape or string to secure the tree to the wall or other stable surface.

5 – Install a fence around the tree to prevent your cat from accessing it

You can use physical barriers to prevent your approaching cat wood, such as lattice or rigid plastic fences.

This will allow your cat to see the tree but without could reach it. Make sure the mesh is strong enough to withstand your cat’s claws and force.

6 – Use a repellent product to prevent your cat from climbing the tree

These products are applied to the tree trunk and create an invisible barrier that repels cats.

Some sprays even have a repellent effect on cats, which can be useful if your cat is particularly stubborn.

7 – Finally, you can always try to train your cat so that it does not try to climb the tree

To will probably take time and patience, but it is always possible.

You can use treats for attract attention of the cat to something other than the tree, then reward it when it obeys your commands. With a little practice, your cat will eventually learn to respect the Christmas tree.

It is important to supervise your cat when it is near the Christmas tree to prevent any accidents.

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