A blind dog befriends a cat who guides him daily (video)

A blind dog befriends a cat who guides him daily (video)

This is today’s sweet story! Although cats and dogs don’t always mix well, the bond between Blaze and Satin overflows with love and tenderness. Affected by his blindness, the dog will be able to count on considerable support.

It is the most beautiful thing to see “: those are the words there Robin Wagner used to describe the relationship between Blazehis cross English Greyhound / German Shepherd Dogand a cat by name Satin. that NYPost tells how the cat’s presence has disrupted the doggy’s daily life.

Difficult start for the dog

Blaze did not start life in the best way, on the contrary. The poor dog was born blind in one eye and eventually became blind in both eyes.

This sad fate affected her a lot, her mistress recalls. ” He became very anxious. We had to work with educators to help him regain his confidence. »

Then the meeting with his guardian angel will change his daily life.

But what will really help the good Blazeit is the arrival of the little one Satin. The black cat is going to get stomped on more than once, but she won’t really hold it against her!

The clever cat will take advantage of this small disappointment to try to teach the dog new things. Using her meows, she managed to guide him in his movements, preventing him from bumping into the furniture or stepping on her.

A real relationship of trust has been established between the 2 species, which has since been closer than ever. ” Satin likes to rub against her long legs like she would a table or a chair “.


Hooray for interspecies relations!

♬ original sound – Robin Wagner

Robin is sure of one thing: the cat loves its friend dearly Blaze, and it does him a lot of good. It can be seen in the video above, which is uploaded TikTok.


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