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A cat adopts an orphaned baby lynx who must remain wild in order to be rehabilitated in its natural environment as an adult (video)

Honeybun is a cat with a remarkable maternal instinct. When the members of the shelter introduced her to this 6-week-old lynx in need of affection, she immediately took him under her wing, much to the relief of the rescue teams. Indeed, it was heartbreaking to see that the baby demanded attention, but that it was necessary to remain at a distance so as not to socialize him.

honeybunan alley cat, lives at the shelter Spicy Cats Rescue since she was found wandering with her offspring. Of course, she took advantage of the organization’s sterilization program and finally settled permanently with her foster family.

For some time now, honeybun, who has strong maternal instincts, willingly helps out when orphaned kittens arrive. She fills them with tenderness while instilling in them the codes of felines.

Recently, the association Millstone Wildlife Centerwhich specializes in rescuing wild animals, has been entrusted with a 6-week-old baby lynx.

The unfortunate man was found starving and alone. The goal is to provide him with the care he needs and then release him into his natural habitat when he is old enough to fly on his own.

It is therefore very important not to socialize him.

“He was crying of loneliness”

The poor little boy was living very badly in his new condition. ” It’s delicate. This social animal needs playtime, cuddles and a little help with grooming too. But we have to be especially careful that he’s not comfortable with humans.”shared frannie from Millstone Wildlife Center at lovemeow.

The 2 associations have therefore tried the experiment of presenting honeybun to the baby. And luckily, love at first sight was immediate and mutual.

The mother takes care of him as if he were her own. “The huge kitten, on the other hand, was instantly over the moon and totally reassured”has explained carolinathe founder of Spicy Cats Rescue.

The volunteers therefore stay away from this relationship and observe it from afar. They are moved by the frenzied games and the moments of tenderness of the duo.

In addition, they notice that the little lynx learns very quickly alongside its surrogate mother.

“He now knows how to wash himself and eat like a grown-up. And in just one week! They do everything together, it’s adorable”added carolina.

The members of the 2 associations are therefore relieved about the future of the kitten like no other.

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