A cat killer roams this Seine-et-Marne village

Several cats disappeared or were poisoned in the area around Citry, a small village near La Ferté-sous-Jouarre (Seine-et-Marne). ©MD

The streets in Town, a small village in Seine-et-Marne, is no longer safe for felines and residents are worried. We can say that there is plenty. For several weeks, several cats have never returned to their owners. The inexplicably disappeared or has been poisoned “deliberately” by an anonymous hand, according to various testimonies.

Searches to find them are increasing in the field and so are ads on social mediabut they often go unanswered.

A situation that is becoming disturbing for the owners of cats in the area, and more generally for the villagers who live quite badly this atmosphere more than heavy. A situation which, unfortunately, is far from isolated.

Felines in the field of vision

In Citry, a fabric banner was installed by angry neighbors on the facade of a farm in the village of Villaré, just a few steps from the cattery Le domaine de Romy. In these troubled times, she urges the public to be extra vigilant with this message:

“Be careful, there lives a cat killer in the village. »

Residents reportedly saw one white van shoot in the village on the days of certain disappearances.

“We don’t understand who can attack cats, and especially why?” asks a passerby. “It’s terrible! We no longer dare to let our animals out for fear that they will disappear… It is not a life for them. We absolutely need to find out who is doing this and stop them! “, responds another.

Of complaints and handlists was deposited with the gendarmerie at La Ferté-sous-Jouarre.

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Recurring facts, an ongoing investigation

And it is far from the first time in this seemingly quiet village. Already in 2013, about fifteen cats had been found dead from poisoning. Also in 2015. But that year black cats had been particularly targeted. Last year again, several cats disappeared in an unclear way. “It’s been going on for too long!” launches a resident, we can’t take it anymore. »

A special one? An organized gang? Because now no one knows. Rat poison, anti-snail? Several theses have also been advanced on this site, but nothing is certain yet.

If the situation is currently at a stage of public outcry, police investigationas well as toxicological analyses is underway to finally shed light on these mysterious disappearances.

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