A cat makes its own way to the backyard of a shelter, where it tries to attract the attention of volunteers

On May 6th, in Michigan, a beautiful tomcat with white and red hair arrived at a shelter in a rather special way… While most of his fellow cats follow the correct kind of hospitalization steps, Sigmund decides to make an entrance , which will remain in the minds of the volunteers for a long time.

The members of Detroit Community Cat Rescue have rescued many cats over the years, but the stay of Sigmund (Siggy), a feline like no other, will leave a lasting mark of its passage, as reported lovemeow.

On the morning of May 6, the person in charge of the refuge (Liz Haak) heard thunderous screams coming from the backyard. Approaching the window, she came face to face with a ginger and white cat who had taken possession of the premises.

Illustration of the article: A cat makes its own way to the backyard of a shelter, where it tries to attract the attention of volunteers

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“He knocked on the right door!”

Liz came out with a box of food and the cat rushed towards her without waiting. The furball was starving, and it was clear to its benefactor that this cat had lived its entire life on the streets. Siggy was therefore very wise to go to this place on my own!

He seemed so happy to have finally found a little human companionship that he was constantly asking for hugs Liz. The latter also hosted him at the shelter, where he did not take much time to adjust. In the near future, Siggy felt very comfortable in his new environment. It was “ very sociable and talkative “and it never was” nervous “. He spent his days begging for taste buds!

He tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV or “feline AIDS”), but that didn’t stop him from living a healthy life. When he got all the care he needed, Siggy waited quietly – but loudly! – next step in his life: adoption.

“Cats with FIV have the right to be loved too! »

Due to his illness, many visitors were not interested in the gentleman Siggy. The volunteers were desperate to see him join a family, but one fine day his guardian angel arrived…

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A young man went to a shelter last October and he immediately flashed on Siggy. This is news that warmed the hearts of the members Detroit Community Cat Rescuewho remembers it” cats with FIV have the right to be loved too! »

Siggy now lives with his new best friend. He will never again have to worry about finding shelter or food alone in nature. Thanks to his impromptu escapade at the shelter in Michigan, he is now the happiest of cats!


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