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A cat saved by the 30 Million Friends foundation becomes the best friend of 2 Huskies

Niele, Nougat and Cookie form an unlikely trio, made up of a cat and 2 Huskies. They are now inseparable and even walk together!

niele is a 3 year old Savannah cat. She lived on a farm in Morbihan, with 7 other cats of the same breed, 2 Servals and 12 dogs. Unfortunately, the breeder was no longer able to take care of her animals, due to illness. She therefore appealed to the foundation 30 Million Friendsin the hope that it will help him find homes ready to adopt them.

Niele is a very speed cat, just like her new Huskies brothers

Shortly after arriving at the refuge of 30 Million Friends, niele melted the heart of a woman named Gwenaelle. “Her little wild side immediately appealed to me” she confided to 30 Million Friends. “She is very active, she moves everywhere. Quite fast sometimes!

A character similar to that of the other 2 animals of Gwenaelle : Nougata 3-year-old Siberian Husky, and cookiesa 5-year-old Husky cross.

Niele has settled in very well with her new family.

As Gwenaelle hoped, the cohabitation between all his animals went wonderfully. And maybe even better than she could have imagined. “As soon as [Niele] hears that I’m going to take the dogs out, she asks to go out too!”, laughs the young woman.

Illustration of the article: A cat saved by the 30 Million Friends Foundation becomes the best friend of 2 Huskies© 30 Million Friends

During the walks, collar and leash around the neck, niele has a lot of fun with his 2 canine brothers. “The walks are not boring at all. Nougat and Cookie are used to cats and it immediately went well with Niele. They don’t leave each other. At home, they love to play together.

An extraordinary trio that is a pleasure to see!



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