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a cat that disappeared 3 years ago returns unexpectedly

Maryannick Pedrono found her cat when she least expected it, years after she disappeared, reported The New Republic.

This resident of Bouille-Saint-Varent (79) had collected Faouet as he was a very young kitten not yet fully weaned. She had given him a bottle and pampered him so that he had come extremely close to her. The feline even used to sleep next to him.

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Unfortunately, during the summer of 2019, Faouet and the 2 other cats of the Septuagenarian had disappeared. The runaway hypothesis seemed unlikely in the eyes of their owner, who leaned more towards the kidnapping trail.

Maryannick Pedrono had combed the neighborhood and the surrounding area, asked the neighborhood if anyone had seen him, investigated the slightest trail… His cat remained untraceable despite his efforts. She even thought he had died after the discovery of the lifeless body of a feline by a neighbor, but which Deux-Sévrien had not had time to check as the remains had been removed before his arrival.

To help him recover, his family brought him 2 other cats a few months later, including a very similar female Faouet and named shantee.

On October 25, 2022, it is the latter that Maryannick Pedrono and her son thought they would return home hurt. The feline in question came home through the cat’s limb as if nothing had happened “, she tells The New Republic.

Illustration of the article:
Illustrative photo

It wasn’t Shantee, but okay Faouet

The animal stayed at the vet for head and ear care. In the meantime, Maryannick Pedrono crossed a neighbor, with whom the discussion took a surreal turn. Her interlocutor told her that she had just seen shantee. The landlady did not understand; she had left it at the vet’s office. It couldn’t be her.

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She immediately contacted the company where the check was carried out. A few minutes later, the veterinary team called back to tell her that the injured cat she had brought back to them was none other than her. Faouet ! His ID chip confirmed it.

Maryannick Pedrono was stunned. After the shock, there was room for emotion and tears of joy during the reunion, which, however, had already taken place earlier in the day without her realizing it.

Since then, her cat has never left her side. He gradually gets used to his environment, which he had left 3 years earlier, and gets to know the other animals in the family; his 2 congeners, as well as 2 dogs.




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