“A child is bitten by a dog, but nothing happens”


Health in Luxembourg“A child is bitten by a dog, but nothing happens”

LUXEMBOURG – The case of a child bitten by a dog that spent several hours without being treated at the Kannerklinikken has entered the political debate. When asked, the Minister of Health brings forward in particular the complicated connection with the bronchiolitis epidemic.

The Kannerklinikken suffered the brunt of the bronchiolitis epidemic.

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Are children cared for quickly enough in the emergency room? In a parliamentary question to the government, pirate Sven Clement tells about the case of a child who was bitten by a dog on 6 November. The boy would have stayed for several hours “without anything happening” at the Kannerklinikken, before he was finally operated on in Kirchberg.

When asked about this specific case, Health Minister Paulette Lenert clarified on Thursday that the health management had contacted the hospital, but refused to comment due to medical confidentiality. Still, this story illustrates the difficult debate about emergency room wait times, especially for children. The latter “has increased in recent weeks” due to the bronchiolitis epidemic, but units are in place to respond to emergencies, the socialist explains.

13 minutes from admission to sorting

“For surgical emergencies in children, a pediatric surgeon is present every time, in addition to having another doctor available if necessary,” replies Paulette Lenert. The management then depends on the degree of seriousness. Since the beginning of the year, young patients have waited an average of 13 minutes between admission and prioritization of more or less serious cases by the medical team.

The average waiting time was in all cases around 1 hour 31 minutes, says Minister LSAP. Several measures have been taken to respond to the challenge of the bronchiolitis epidemic: staff have been reinforced thanks to the health reserve, a “quick access” line to the waiting rooms has been added and a prevention campaign has been launched to limit the number of cases.

In one month more than 160 children was hospitalized for bronchiolitis, explained at the end of November Dr. Serge Allard, President of the Luxembourg Pediatric Society. “We don’t see the end of the tunnel yet. It will probably take several weeks,” he said.

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