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a closed Libournais breeding, the dogs seized, the manager sentenced

How did we get here ? The inspectors of the DDPP rewound before the court the long process which led them to seize the services of the prosecutor. A technical file, they recognize in unison with President Sophie Vignaud, no animal abuse being mentioned at the helm. The long list of preventions essentially refers to the owner’s breaches of the rules related to her activity, a breeding of several dozen dogs of the cane corso breed – “in other words, molossers”, assumes the president – being the subject of a strict regulations.

The issue of pedigree

Installed on rental land in Abzac since 2015, the one who says she also exercises a paramedical profession has taken the steps to declare her activity in the prefecture. The file, which is incomplete, will not be validated until 2019. In the meantime, inspections will report numerous shortcomings related, in particular, to the minimum regulatory distance to other dwellings, to the treatment of excrement, but also of effluents in the direct vicinity of a Natura 2000 site, to the use of transport cages as exhibition cages… The checks also highlighted the presence of pregnant females, even though the owner initially declared “not considering breeding”, and this, in lack of suitable facilities.

“There have been problem puppies. It also appears that they did not hold an LOF registration.

Also appears, in the course of the preventions, the mention of a “scam” committed between 2016 and 2019. The owner who traded in her dogs highlighted their pedigree. “There have been problem puppies. It also appears that they were not holders of an LOF registration ”(Book of French origins, editor’s note), lists the president.

Complaints from local residents

The issue of “very significant” noise and odor nuisances was also addressed. “I spare you the list of complaints and reports from disgruntled neighbors who have flocked to the prosecution for years,” recalled Deputy Prosecutor Élodie Blier. The magistrate described the “elusive” personality of the manager of the place, who “never knew or was able to make the necessary adjustments”.



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