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A community will use DNA tests to identify owners who don’t pick up their dogs’ feces

Thanks to DNA, they will discover those responsible: owning a pet not only means giving it love, time and company, but owners must also take responsibility for what their animals do, for example when they have to relieve themselves in the street. A master should always take care of the disposal of excrement.

However, this is not always the case. In every community you will find people who seem unaware of how unpleasant this irresponsibility can be for their neighbors or who simply choose to ignore the fact. An apartment complex in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, has therefore taken a radical step to act on this problem.

A community will use DNA tests to identify owners who don’t pick up their dogs’ feces

Residents of the Galley 1014 Luxury Apartments center were fed up with pet owners not picking up their pets’ poop, even though the resort has bags to do so.

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“There really is no excuse not to pick it up,” told Fox 2 Jake Bearden, who recently moved into one of these buildings with his partner, Kayla Bearden.

But faced with such disregard, the management of the apartment complex decided to apply an innovative but bizarre method to hunt down the irresponsible. Mike Kueker, manager of the apartment complex, announced that they will be implementing new policies on this, which include a DNA test to trace the dog and its responsible owner.

To do this, they will need to register the animals using a mouth swab, then send the samples to a PooPrints company lab, where they will collect the DNA. of all the animals in the complex.

In this way, anyone who does not pick up their animal’s excrement can be identified. According to the founder of the company, the idea came from a building with the same problem and now many residences are requesting their services.

“Having PooPrints really helped us because we didn’t have to sift through video footage trying to find someone or give up and do it ourselves”, Kueker said.




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