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A connected collar to measure the health status of dogs

A young entrepreneur from Quebec has created a collar that collects data on dogs’ health.

The device, which is installed around the neck of the animal, makes it possible to follow its activity by measuring in particular its heart rate as well as some of its behaviour.

“As soon as intense scratching occurs, the collar will register it, as well as when the dog eats less, explains the person who imagined the device, Jacob Thiboutot-Calderon. It can equip the dog’s master before going to the vet […]because we don’t want to replace it, but complement it.”

The 18-year-old entrepreneur got the idea shortly after adopting a dog at the beginning of the pandemic.

When he asked himself questions about his animal’s health, without necessarily being able to go to a vet, he decided to develop a collar that could help him.

Other students aged between 18 and 24 from different regions joined him to help him develop his business, called Queva.

He wants to continue developing his product so that he can detect symptoms specific to canine diseases.

“We are trying to develop artificial intelligence that will allow us to prevent certain diseases,” he says. There are certain data that may be specific to certain diseases, so we want to go into that realm.”

A testing phase is underway to refine the collar before its commercialization is planned for 2024.



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