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a delivery man delivers 3 orphaned kittens to a woman with a big heart (video)

Eleanor Malloy was quietly waiting for her package, but instead she was treated to a very special delivery: one of her neighbors wanted to get rid of 3 kittens, which strangely managed to find their way home…

Last month, Eleanor Malloy heard someone knocking on the door of her house but she didn’t pay attention. She was expecting a package that day and she thought the delivery man would deliver it to her doorstep. But the beating didn’t stop…

I thought it was strange that they beat so longshe explains to The Dodo. I opened the door and said, “Hi, can I help you?” The delivery man was standing at the bottom of my porch when he told me about the kittens. »

A special delivery

The man had just delivered to another house when a woman gave him a box of kittens she didn’t want. He knew thatEleanor had a cat, and decided to ask her if she could take care of the kittens. He had specified to the young woman that he would pick them up at the end of his shift.

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Eleanor Malloy

Eleanorshe did not hesitate to accept his request. ” I said, “Yes sir! I’ll take them from you! No problem!” I followed him to the truck and he handed me a box of 3 kittens: a buff kitten, a ginger and a brown tabby. “, she continues.

A devoted young woman

For some reason itEleanor I don’t know, the birth never came back to get the 3 felines… This didn’t seem to displease the young woman who immediately took care of them as her own kittens. She fed them properly to help them regain their strength.

They must have been 4 or 5 weeks old. They were quite weak but within 2 days they were up and playing “, she explains about them.


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? Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

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When they were ready, all the kittens were put up for adoption and quickly found loving homes. Only the tabby kitten stayed Eleanor. The young woman had already completely fallen under his spell. She couldn’t part with it!

Eleanor didn’t expect to receive a package of 3 kittens, but today she is happy that it turned out that way. Thanks to her, all 3 were able to have a fantastic new start in life!



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