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A dog abandoned in a gas station meets good Samaritans who offer her a second chance (video)

Cody Weishaar and her husband were returning from a trip to the state of Florida to United States when they made a heartbreaking discovery.

Indeed, the couple had stopped at a gas station in Talulahin Louisianato refuel when Cody saw a stray dog ​​who obviously needed help.

She looked lost and confused. An employee explained to the young woman that an individual had dropped her off there earlier in the day and then left.

“She hoped he would come back”lamented Cody.

The latter, who always has a bag of kibble for her own doggies in her vehicle, fed and watered her.

“She ate a little then walked around before turning around for more bites. She was very agitated”said the young woman to NewsWeek.


No amount is too small ????????

? Home – Edith Whiskers

“Unthinkable to leave it behind us”

Otherwise, Cody noticed that a homeless man was having fun terrorizing her. He called her then, when she came to him, chased her.

The couple therefore naturally got the unfortunate woman into the back seat of their vehicle and drove her to her home located in Fort Smith in the state ofArkansas.

“I sat next to her and she finally started to decompress. She fell asleep instantly”has explained Cody.


Replying to @rsrdogs we were meant to stop at that gas station. We are praying it all works out?? but our sweet Lu will still need a home after saving their lives ????

? Make You Feel My Love – Adele

Once safe with his benefactors, Lulu (referring to the Louisiana), was taken to the veterinary clinic.

The poor little girl suffered from malnutrition, was infested with parasites and had heartworm disease (or dirofilariasis).

She is currently receiving all the care and treatment she desperately needed.

“The doctor said she was probably used for breeding”said Cody.


On our way @jademiller

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Thanks to the benevolence of his good Samaritans, Lulu gradually regains a taste for life. She hosts Cody and her husband excitedly when they get home from work and start having fun with his new toys.

The couple revealed that they are looking for a loving home for their little protege, but also confessed to being deeply attached to her. Cody and her spouse have therefore not ruled out the idea of ​​officially adopting her themselves.




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