A dog is safe after a 60 meter fall in the Sainte-Baume massif

After a rescue operation carried out in Dantesque conditions by the Rescue in perilous and mountainous environments (SMPM) section of the Brignoles-Draguignan fire department, the dog Spirale was brought safely from the thin makeshift balcony where she had landed. the day before after a fall of almost 60 metres. A real Christmas miracle for the barely one-year-old female Shepherd Malinois.

On Tuesday the 27th of December, early in the evening, Spirale had really escaped the surveillance of his owner to follow a group of hikers from Riboux to this promontory popular with lovers of beautiful panoramas. Forty-five minutes’ walk later, the hikers, still accompanied by the dog, arrived at the summit of Saint-Pilon, near the chapel, on the heights of the Sainte-Baume massif, between Riboux and Plan-d’Aups.

This is where Spirale, no doubt too enthusiastic, would have crashed onto the parapet before accidentally tumbling down the wall, under the stunned gaze of walkers. Without much hope, the small group decided to contact the firemen anyway and undertook to warn the owner of the animal. However, at the scene that evening, emergency services were unable to locate the dog due to the almost zero visibility at this late hour. The lack of noise left little room for doubt about Spiral’s fate.

The next day, the firefighters, led by the head of the Plan d’Aups center, Lieutenant Guillaume Minelli, returned to the site anyway to find the Malinois shepherd. From 8.30 am, the firefighters managed to locate it on a small natural parapet, approximately 60 meters below, in the middle of the wall. With a surprise: Spirale is alive!

The most difficult thing remains to be done: reach the animal to bring it up to Saint-Pilon. And time is running out: weakened, the dog could again fall from its improvised shelter, and a 70-metre drop into the void awaits her. Lieutenant Guillaume Minelli decided to call the SMPM in Brignoles-Draguignan, but the weather conditions did not allow the rescue operations to be carried out calmly. A thick fog has indeed fallen on the place…

Not enough to undermine the determination of the rescuers, who received the reinforcement of the teams from Saint-Maximin and Brignoles, to raise the dog. Very worried throughout the operation, the owner was finally relieved when Spirale shortly before

With no apparent injuries, but very tired, the dog found his master happy. Under the tender gaze of the rescuers, happy to have participated in this very special rescue…


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