A family, victims of heavy flooding, must now deal with the disappearance of their cat (video)

Olivia Johnson and her loved ones had lost everything after the floods in their town of Garrett, Kentucky. But what hurt them the most was the disappearance of their cat Francis, frightened by the heavy rain. The woman will fight to find her grandson’s beloved cat…

In July last year, floods raged in the state Kentuckysoutheast of United States. Olivia Johnson and his family were among the victims. Bruised by the devastation that had just suffered their home, they were dealt an extra blow when they realized that their black and white cat, Francishad fled the scene…

An endless wait

The repair of the house is pending. The priority for Olivia, it was to find the cat as soon as possible. The woman, whose emotions are palpable in the following video excerpt, was overwhelmed by her daughter’s pain, especially related to Francis.

This one was also supposed to blow out its 13 candles a few days later. It was unthinkable for Oliviato celebrate her daughter’s birthday without the presence of her favorite cat…

But his efforts paid off

After days of research, the mother finally got her hands on it Francis. ” I’m so happy. I cried! she confided in WOWK 13 News. Olivia was very relieved to know that her daughter would be celebrating her 13th birthday with her little protege. It was the best birthday present ever!

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WOWK 13 News

Once reunited with Francis, the family could move forward a little more calmly and begin the work of rebuilding their house. The love for their fur ball will help them overcome this difficult ordeal.

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