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A former Huskies wins a baseball competition in the United States

The American dream probably looks like this. Passionate about baseball, Enzo Maugars, has been living his passion in the United States since he moved across the Atlantic in 2018. After discovering his sport with the Huskies in Rouen, Enzo now plays with his high school team, the Cougars by John B. Connally. But when the school closes, he joins another team for the summer.

Beginnings with the Rouen Huskies

Sunday August 7, he won the All American Gamesa prestigious baseball event in the United States. “It’s really exceptional, it’s a great experience where you meet a lot of people and it’s a whole new level”. To win the competition, you have to know how to be strong mentally and withstand the shock physically.

Enzo has not forgotten his years in Rouen. He keeps his Huskies jerseys.
Jeremy Maugars

This victory opens up real prospects for Enzo. He does not want to become a professional baseball player, but he would like to finance his studies – he wants to integrate the American army – by playing in a university team. Even though he still has two years of high school left, negotiations are already starting with the university teams. Nothing is signed yet.

Jérémy, father and first supporter of Enzo

For his part, his father Jérémy is his first supporter. Baseball is very expensive in the United States., and its financial support is essential for Enzo. Between equipment, transportation and hotels for tournaments, a year costs around $5,000. But it’s also morally that Jérémy plays a real role: “My goal is that when he looks back on his life, he can say: “My father did everything for me to live my passion”. This passion he will continue to live with his high school team in the months to come.




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