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A frightened kitten will receive help from a caring big brother

Salta young cream colored pussy and Peppera Tabbywere barely 11 weeks old when they were picked up from the streets in hamilton (Canada).

They are not from the same litter, but arrived at the same time as their brothers and sisters for the adoption service Hamilton animals. While the other kittens were able to integrate the device, Salt and Pepper had no place there, considered too unsociable and timid.

lovemeow reports that after this, the shelter Salty animal, which is nearby, came to lend a hand. The name of the organism literally translates to “Salted animals“, referring to the wild nature and behavior of the kittens that he is used to receiving.

A spokesman for the latter wrote this in an announcement instagram : ” These girls [Salt et Pepper] are the unwanted, the unadoptable, but we are here to give them the chance they deserve! “.

An adaptation work

Upon their arrival, Salt was very nervous, hissing and scratching anyone who would approach her. Pepperon her side, was paralyzed with fear and remained in a corner.


Karly Saltarsky, the association’s co-founder, tried approaches using treats to calm the two little ones. The technique ended up working because Salt gradually decreased.

Pepperfor his part allowed himself to be caressed, but always remained very introverted and withdrawn.

Help from outside

Pippena rescued cat who also lived in the house had understood what was needed Pepper to open up to others. He took it under his paw and the 2 never let go.

Between hugs and purrs, the adoptive father takes his role as benefactor very seriously: ” He’s already helped a few rescue buddies come out of their shells, and Pepper was no exception. […] She has come on an incredible journey. Since she has been with Pippen for a short time, she behaves like a different cat “tell Carly.

Illustration of the article: A frightened kitten will receive help from a caring big brother


Pepper is no longer as anxious as before. Although the road is still long, she is starting to give her confidence to people. Carly can sometimes even carry it, which seemed impossible before.

Difficult adoption for shy cats

While Salt had already joined his family for life, Pepper couldn’t find his.

To Carly, the most wild and reserved kittens are left out by the adopters. But with a little love and patience, they become true loves: ” She needs a patient and understanding adopter. She’ll be your best friend in no time, but she just needs a chance “.

And that luck ended up turning around Pepper, at the beginning of last September! The young cat has returned to its last home, in the company of another cat from Salty animal appointed Mowgli !

Illustration of the article: A frightened kitten will receive help from a caring big brother

Salty Animal Rescue/Facebook

Carly thanked his new arrivals, who gave his charges the opportunity to live in a loving home: ” Mowgli and Pepper were the unwanted, the “unadoptable”, but all they need is a little love and someone to give them the chance they deserve. Thanks @recica86 for being that person! »



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