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A great cat’s disdain for a lynx worries a passerby who calls for help

Northern firefighters were alerted to the presence of a wild cat in a street near Lille. When they arrived at the scene, they realized they were dealing with a stray house cat. The animal was taken care of.

False alarm at Marquette-lez-Lille (59), Thursday, January 5. What had been mistaken for a lynx ended up being a purebred savannah cat, reported The voice of the Nordics.

It all started with the report made by a walker. Around 11 o’clock that morning, SDIS 59 (Departmental Fire and Rescue Service of the North) had been informed that a wild cat was circulating freely on the side of the rue de l’Hospital-Saint-Jean-Dieuin the western districts of the city.

The dog unit of Caudry and a veterinary firefighter based in pray was immediately sent to the indicated sector, detailed The voice of the Nordics.

As soon as they arrived at the scene, they realized that the animal in question did not belong to a wild species. It was actually a Savannah, a breed of hybrid cat developed from a cross with the Serval, a wild cat native to Africa.

Illustration of the article: A big cat's disdain for a lynx worries a passerby who calls for help
Illustrative photo (Savannah Clark)

The appearance of the four-legged, as well as its impressive size (45 centimeters on average for a weight from 7 to 14 kg) is actually enough to mislead those who do not know this breed. Its representatives are few in France and LOOF (Official Book of Feline Origins) only accepts those from the F5 generation, closer to the domestic cat than to the Serval.

The cat is safe in a secret place

Their rarity makes them very expensive. This is also the reason that the place where the cat discovered Marquette-lez-Lille was not disclosed, the regional media said.

To capture him without the risk of harming him, responders stunned him using a hypodermic dart. It is unknown if the owners of this savanna have been found, but it is certain.

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A similar story had taken place in May 2022 at Vancouver, in Canada. Witnesses had then spoken of a cheetah or a puma wandering in a district of the city, while it was also a savannah there.




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