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A hug full of tenderness between a cat and a dog melts Internet users (video)

Cats and dogs have a reputation as “best enemies” that stick to their skin. But when they have to live under the same roof, cohabitation can sometimes hold pleasant surprises.

It’s hard to imagine that a feline and a dog can be so close that they stick together all day long.

It is often difficult to introduce one to a house when the other has already lived there for a long time. In fact, cats are generally unforgiving and won’t give their new canine roommate a chance if the first contact goes wrong. It is therefore necessary to arm yourself with patience and strategy in order not to break connections from the start.

But animals have already proven to us more than once how capable they are of breaking codes.

A clean and tender hug

Last October, the user Save your elphaba/16 publishes a scene of life, captured by a video surveillance camera. We see a red tabby cat and a golden dog. The owner of the animals had installed this device to monitor them while she was away. The captured images are as moving as they are stunning.

On the couch, Joule, the dog, fast asleep. At the other end of the couch is Kelvin, cat. The latter rises to address his friend and, without too much delicacy, settles down near him. Despite the cat’s clumsiness, Joule don’t flinch. Kelvin then models a small place in the hollow of the paws of his canine companion and snuggles up to him lovingly, in a hug full of sweetness:

Internet users could not resist this touching video, which has more than 67,000 views.

Newsweek reports that the hostess of the main characters, Brenna Eckert had already noticed that the two of them were lying together on the couch. On the other hand, she had no idea they could be so warm to each other: ” I moved the camera to get a closer look at the couch and was surprised to see that they weren’t just sharing the couch, they were snuggling together she explained.

Accomplices share an account instagram with the house’s other 4-legged tenants. Everyone has a very good understanding, to the delight of the 90,000 people who follow them.



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