A kind-hearted dog becomes a surrogate mother to a litter of 5 orphaned kittens

A kind-hearted dog becomes a surrogate mother to a litter of 5 orphaned kittens

Kona loves kittens and it’s a chance that her mistress regularly welcomes them under her roof. Equipped with a strong maternal instinct, the female dog has become the ideal mother to a litter of 5 cats, to the delight of her owner.

5 kittens from 2 different litters have arrived at like aa broodmare for felines based in Arlingtonto UNITED STATES. Peace And Barney were found outside and their mother no longer cared for them. Betty, Pebbles And Bam-Bamthey were transferred from a partner home, reports lovemeow.

like a provided them with a cozy room filled with toys and warm blankets. In no time the 5 kittens regained their strength, started jumping around and arguing with each other. Everyone had a great time!

A confused dog

Meanwhile, the noise of their arrival caught attention The wife, resident dog in the nursing home and big fan of kittens. She couldn’t contain her excitement when she noticed that there were new guests in the house. The dog has been with many kittens for many years, and even the most shy of them cannot resist her love.

The long-awaited meeting did not take long to take place, and that day it was love at first sight. ” The wife was so horny “, Remember like a. The dog walked around their park wagging his tail in all directions. The kittens have considered The wife as their new mother and competed in love for her.

An exemplary mother

Today, The wife makes no difference to all her babies: she gives them all the kisses and all the hugs in the world. Kittens love to curl up on it to fall asleep, and they have found the best of cozy nests there. Every morning, the dog goes to their room and pampers them, as she knows how to do so well, until the end of the day, responding to their every whim.

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One thing is certain: like a couldn’t have asked for a better ally than The wife. Thanks to them, all these kittens are starting life off on the right foot!


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