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A man is met every day in a cafe by a cat and ends up falling in love with it

When Basil goes to his favorite cafe, his cat friend is waiting for him there. The 2 got used to meeting there daily and a beautiful friendship was born between them.

Basil Akwan sat every day in the same bistro. There he met a cat with a tricolor coat, Sophia. This particular client, who had nowhere else to go, was always happy to see him again. She grew to trust him over time and eventually followed him home. A pleasant meeting reported by lovemeow.

The female calico was a regular customer at the cafe. She liked to weave between the chairs and one day found herself next to it Basil. The man, a cat lover, welcomed her with open arms. He always brought her treats and cuddled her so she never left his table again.

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A budding complicity

Basil named her Sophia. The latter purred in the presence of his human friend. She was comfortable with him and followed him everywhere. One evening, as he walked to his vehicle, she followed him. Confident, Sophia didn’t hesitate to get into the car. She was determined to stay with Basil : “ She got into my car and won my heart he confided.

Taking this gesture as ” a sign he went home with the cat. He was convinced that she had no owner. To be sure of the same and give him a health check, he went to the vet. After this visit, Sophia officially became her cat.

A new life

She, who had never had a home, had to learn to live in a house. It took him some time to settle into his new surroundings. Today she is perfectly suitable for indoor stays » testified Basil. Which floods his account instagram pictures and videos of her.

We see the very close friends and accomplices as if they had always known each other: “JI love him so much. She is the best thing that ever happened to me claimed Basilwhich is also called very grateful to have him in her life.



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