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a man loses more than 20 kg by eating McDonald’s three times a day

An American from Tennessee lost more than 20 pounds by eating McDonald’s morning, noon and night for more than three months. He reduced his portions as he went: a diet not recommended by doctors.

Who would have thought it? A 57-year-old American lost 26 kg by eating McDonald’s three times a day for 100 days. This man, named Kevin Maginnis, claims to the American press to have gone from 108 kg to 81.4 kg in a few weeks, and he says that his wife lost about 9 kg by joining him halfway.

This man tells the local TV channel WSMV that during these three months he tried to eat only half of the orders he used to place in the famous fast food chain, in order to reduce the number of calories consumed.

Gradual portion reduction

After that, the fifties gradually reduced his portions, from half a plate to three-quarters of a plate. “It works for any food, even McDonald’s,” says this man. A surprising diet that he first promoted on the social network Tiktok, which contrasts with the documentary fatten me up directed in 2004 by American filmmaker Morgan Spurlock.

In this feature film, the 32-year-old man showed that by eating only McDonald’s for 30 days, he had gained 11 kg and that his blood pressure and cholesterol levels had worsened. He also complained of symptoms related to depression as well as sexual dysfunction.

Anyway, during this interview, Kevin Maginnis confirms that he never “got tired” of “Big Macs”, “Quarter Pounder” hamburgers, fries and other donuts, which he ate half each time. In order to lose so much weight, he also told NBC News that he avoided snacks between meals as much as possible and only drank water during this period.

A diet to be taken with tweezers

Result: his cholesterol and blood sugar levels improved, and his risk of having a heart attack decreased after 100 days. “I was pre-diabetic before – now I’m back in healthy territory,” this Tennessee native welcomed in the American press, revealing a much thinner silhouette in contrast to the old photos of him that he reveals.

The 50-year-old still told the TV channel that doctors had warned him about this diet, which “is not suitable for everyone”. Instead, they advised her to focus on eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other unprocessed foods.

For his next challenge, the American now plans to climb a 30 meter high wall in 100 days. “It’s my personal Everest! Let’s go!” he said.

Jeanne Bulant BFMTV journalist

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