A mother cat who has just lost her cub falls in love with a kitten that is not hers (video)

Lulu didn’t give birth to Peggy, but she loves her as her own offspring. The cat who had to suffer the loss of her kittens was heartbroken but found real comfort thanks to her lover’s good intentions… enough to melt TikTok users!

Gina Broomhall used to taking care of stray cats. The young woman recently saved Lulureported a mother cat who had just lost her cub Newsweek some time ago.

Illustration of the article: A mother cat who has just lost her cub falls in love with a kitten that is not hers (video)

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However, Lulu still had a lot of motherly love to pass on, but also needed to heal the wounds in her heart. Gina then got the idea to welcome under his roof a little kitten named Peggy.

heart mother and daughter

Soon, Lulu regarded the young cat as his own. The story of their relationship is so touching that it has almost reached 50 million views on the social network TikTok !

On his side @ginahasacat, Gina put up a video in their honor and it’s overflowing with love. Cuddling, licking and co-sleeping are ubiquitous there. There is no doubt : Peggy has actually just put balm in the heart of his new mother.


That’s not my kitten its Lulu’s kitten #sad #cat #killing #cute #love #sozforallthesadtiktoks

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This love at first sight seduced and moved many Internet users. According to one of them, Lulu and Peggy simply had need each other “. ” If only my cats could manage like this! said a second.

Check out the site TikTok of Gina to ensure that their love is just beginning. there” mother ” and ” daughter “to” look like 2 drops of water according to their mistress, and we are convinced that they spread a lot of good vibes around them.


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