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a new crisis is brewing among the Canary Islands, Kitaen ready to decide on the spot?

Zapping goals! football club FC Nantes: top 10 top scorers in Ligue 1 history

If Waldemar Kita’s FC Nantes is used to more or less important crises and psychodramas, the Canary Islands had never before hit us with an implosion of its women’s department. According to Ouest-France, it is now done!

The president turns on Vizcarrondo… It’s war on the women’s team!

Within a few days, FC Nantes, the last of the women’s D2, changed coaches to call Oswaldo Vizcarrondo at the helm and sacked their sporting coordinator Julie Fryc, ending her trial period for financial reasons in order not to have to pay him any money in the event of relegation to the 3rd division.

The daily Loire tells us that the president of the amateur section Jacky Soulard has openly attacked the new coach Oswaldo Vizcarrondo, who is trying to clean up the staff. The Venezuelan obviously did not appreciate his leader’s exit.

Franck Kita ready to turn off the women’s division?

As often when there is fire in FC Nantes, the Kitas are absent subscribers. This season, Waldemar Kita deserved not to appear in the official girl photo. As for Franck Kita, who was never really interested in the issue of women’s football in Nantes, he is only focused on the accounting aspect of things with the idea of ​​eliminating this expensive section for the club. It was he who appointed Oswaldo Vizcarrondo with the mission of reducing the flyer. Vibe…

Women’s FC Nantes is in crisis!

At FC Nantes, the crisis is never far away… And when it is not in Antoine Kombouaré’s group or behind the scenes that there is fire, it is the women’s department that ignites. Ouest-France tells of the internal lunar war.

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