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a new surprise season arrives on August 7th on M6!

Surprise! The show Tous en Cuisine returns to the M6 ​​this summer to the delight of viewers. Find out when you can discover Cyril Lignac’s summer recipes.

This is the good news of the week! After months of absence, Cyril Lignac returns this summer for a new season of Everything in the kitchen on the M6. After the huge success encountered during the March 2020 lockdown, the show returned punctually, especially around Christmas, for special editions of “Holiday Menus”. But while the TV group casts doubt on a possible return of Cyril Lignac behind the stoves, the channel has just announced that Everything in the kitchen came back sooner than expected to offer a host of recipes that smell good of the sun.

When is Tous en cuisine coming back live?

The edition has been completed since December 30, 2022 Everyone in the kitchen returning on August 7, 2023. As always, the show will be broadcast from Monday to Friday at 18.35. She will replace The route of the coffins, Stéphane Rotenberg’s new show, which unfortunately did not find its audience. At the moment it is impossible to know how many weeks will be broadcast Everyone in the kitchen. In previous summers, the show ran from late August to early October. Cyril Lignac will bid “light and colorful menus”. “Ratatouille, cherry clafoutis, zucchini gratin or sunny vegetables, but also mixed salads, apricot tarts, fruit salads…”Cyril Lignac is not done delighting us, with the participation of Jérôme Anthony.

Where does Cyril Lignac cook in Tous en cuisine?

For the show’s winter season 2022, the chef’s kitchen got a new interior. Gone was the roof of the BHV Marais, but the set remained in the heart of Paris: in a shop located very close to the famous Saint Honoré market square. The chef cooked with a storefront and was assisted by his lifelong clerk, Jérôme Anthony. The facilitator was travel in the regions to shoot outdoor shows and be closer to the French. Filming took place every day in different cities with Cyril Lignac from a distance, from Paris. What about the 2023 summer season? Reply within a few weeks.

At Journal des Femmes Cuisine we have listed the best recipes from the show or similar that are easy to reproduce. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the page above, find the ingredient lists or chef’s advice on partner cooking site Cuisinez AZ or on the M6 ​​channel’s Instagram page: @m6official.

If you missed appointments of the latest editions during the imprisonment or at Christmas you can find the latest episodes on the website. It’s also a way to watch the show while have enough time to make the chef’s recipes.

On the audience side, during the late 2021 season broadcast, more than 22 million viewers got his hands dirty in front of the cooking show. In the new season, do you want to be one of the lovers of the daily culinary meeting?



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