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A pregnant and suffering dog is found in a field before knowing a fabulous fate (video)

You need to go back a few months to better understand the story ofAmbera Golden retriever 4-year-old who faced a lifetime of suffering before being rescued by the volunteers from Blue Cross of Burford, England. that Daily mail looking back on her painful past where the dog was only used for reproductive purposes and which left her in a catastrophic state. The rest of his adventure gets much better.

A dog in pain

It was in a field in High Wycombe, a town in Buckinghamshire, thereAmber was seen for the first time. That Golden retriever was skin and bones; only her belly was bulky. Her body was covered in irritation as she suffered from untreated sarcoptic mange, according to volunteers from Blue Cross.

Blue Cross

It is the latter who is responsible for doing everything to get her back on her feet after she was rescued by a Good Samaritan who was walking his dog. Amber was terrified and had to suffer terribly from the wounds that invaded her body. In addition to having to calm her down and give her treatments to cure her dermatological problems, the volunteers also had to prepare for her impending birth.

It also happened a few days after her arrival, as if the dog was waiting to be in a safe place to give birth to her puppies. Amber had to undergo an emergency caesarean section as her little one’s heart rate continued to drop. These were born safe and sound, but the fight to keep the whole family alive had only just begun…

Volunteers mobilized for 2 weeks

The dog continued to impress the members of Blue Cross by his unfailing kindness. ” She did not reject any of her puppies despite the c-section she had just undergone. She struggled to care for each of them and feed them, but her restlessness prevented her from producing enough milk for everyone. they remember.

Theodore, Cider, dougal, Kasper, Winnie, Holly, Sasha, Bailey and their mother could count on the unfailing support of 25 volunteers, day and night. Amber gradually gave way to his benefactors and began to relax. She had finally understood that she could trust them, and the devoted mother was having real nights for the first time.

On the way to a better life

Thanks to the unwavering dedication of volunteers, the family to Golden Retrievers once faced with real dangers, underwent a remarkable evolution. All the puppies grew up in perfect health and were adopted from the age of 8 weeks. Amber regained healthy skin, and also joined a home a few days later.

Illustration of the article: A pregnant and suffering dog is found in a field before knowing a fabulous fate (video)

Blue Cross

The brave dog was welcomed with open arms Elly, Adam and their 2 children. They had just lost their 2 Golden Retrievers, Henry and Stanleyand therefore comesAmber was the best thing that could happen to them: We needed her and she needed us ยป trusted Elly.

This ball of fur continues to inspire admiration for the gentleness it shows despite the dire moments it has experienced. ” She is the perfect dog for our family. She brings us so much joy “.

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Illustration of the article: A pregnant and suffering dog is found in a field before knowing a fabulous fate (video)

Blue Cross

Amber was adopted a few weeks before Christmas and we are convinced she got the most beautiful gift. Shortly after his arrival, another doggy named Crumble joined her under the same roof. That Golden retriever has fulfilled all the conditions to draw a line under a difficult past, and to be the happiest dog in the world!




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