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a restaurateur from Lille hires a Ukrainian refugee

Faced with the lack of manpower, some catering professionals have decided to reach out and hire Ukrainian refugees. This is the case of the owners of the restaurant “O’dit Vin” in Templeuve-en-Pévèle, near Lille, who hired Natalia, 39, a Ukrainian refugee, last month. A mother, she arrived in the North two months ago with her four children aged 3 to 15. Her husband having remained in the country to engage in the conflict.

A blessing for these restaurateurs

In just over a month, Natalia has become indispensable in the kitchen. “She helps with the dishes, she is a bit of a kitchen clerk to peel the vegetables, help the chef and the second, from time to time, she also goes to the dining room for some small storage tasks, she helps us a lot”, details Anne-Sophie Van Haesebrouck, the owner of the restaurant.

With her husband, François, Anne-Sophie hired the young Ukrainian woman urgently after the resignation of her French employee. “It is an enormously precious help, because unfortunately since the confinement and the Covid-19 we no longer find staff in the kitchen”, she says.

Housed in a reception center in the town, Natalia speaks neither French nor English, but to carry out the tasks entrusted to her, this poses no problem. “Thanks to Google translation, it’s perfect, after we understand with gestures”, explains Anne-Sophie.

“It’s a great relief”

For her part, Natalia never stops thanking her bosses. This work, 20 hours a week paid at minimum wage, is a first step for his integration and his efficiency has amazed the whole team. “For us, it’s a great relief, fortunately we have it…”, assures Guillaume, the chef.

“She’s a beautiful person, she is always smiling, determined and she does not balk at all about work”, approves Anne-Sophie. Another position in the kitchen is still to be filled. If other Ukrainian candidates present themselves, they will always be welcome here.



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