A seriously injured woman and a chihuahua killed by a mastiff in Beauvais

The victim was operated on at the Isle-Adam hospital while the owner of the animal was interviewed at the Beauvais police station. The dog was entrusted to the services of the SPA.

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It is a scene of rare violence that occurred this Friday afternoon, in Beauvais, report our colleagues from Parisian. While a 44-year-old woman was walking her chihuahua, in the Ruelle aux Loups, she saw a cane corso appear out of nowhere.

The mastiff of about fifty kilos then threw himself on the dog, killed under his fangs, despite the opposition of the forties. She too was seriously injured by the cane corso. ”
She was badly bitten on her left arm and leg.
“, reports Antoine Boulanger, commissioner of Beauvais. With details that testify to the intensity of the attack. ”
She was bitten to the bone and her leg ligaments were visible
“continues the officer.

Taken care of by the firefighters, the victim was then transported to the Isle-Adam hospital (Val d’Oise) but was still conscious at the time of his transfer. According to our information, his vital prognosis was not engaged. Operated in emergency, the forties had still not left the establishment this Saturday afternoon. She should file a complaint as soon as she leaves, indicates the Beauvais police.

“We had already been called for similar facts at the beginning of the year”

For his part, the owner of the animal was quickly identified by the investigators. ”
We had already been called for similar facts at the beginning of the year so we knew his name
“, specifies the commissioner. Absent from his home at the time of the attack, the individual was interviewed by the police on Friday. According to the first elements of the investigation, the cane corso would have escaped from the garden by the rear fence of the home located rue Binet.

Declared and perfectly in order, the mastiff was entrusted to the services of the SPA. His behavior should be studied to analyze his dangerousness before a possible euthanasia.

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