A stranger spreads poison pills in her garden in an attempt to kill her dog she plans to move

A 73-year-old Belgian woman plans to move after finding poisonous pills in her garden. Her dog is clearly targeted and she now lives in worry.

His little ball of fur was close to dying. As revealed by Belgian website 7sur7, a 73-year-old woman plans to move from her home in Heverlee, Belgium, after finding poisonous pills in her garden. For several weeks, a stranger has been trying to attack his dog Lily, a young wire-haired dachshund.

The first time the seven-year-old spotted four suspicious balls. Faced with this strangest situation, she went to the police station where she told the facts. For the police, there was no real doubt. It was probably rat poison. Soon after, it all started again. But here it is: This time there was “white powder and blue pellets” hidden in the meat. A new, even more suspicious substance.

“How can we do that?”

Once again, the old lady was able to intervene in time and saved her dog from being poisoned. But now she lives in fear and worry. “Someone is clearly targeting Lily. How can we do this? I don’t understand. She barks in the garden sometimes, okay, like all dogs, but I’ve never received the slightest complaint from residents. She’s also often inside, by my side. If she’s a problem, I can hear it and try to fix it, but I’m very attached to my dog ​​and I couldn’t part with her”, she explained as she expressed her wish . to see the suspect arrested. he still hasn’t been identified. Police have launched an investigation.

As a reminder, in France, “the fact that, without necessity, public or not, voluntarily killing a domestic animal, domesticated or kept in captivity, outside of any lawful activity, is punishable by 6 months imprisonment and 7 500 euro fine”.

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