A stray cat is content with his living conditions and refuses to be rescued until the cold of winter changes his mind

Montrealto Quebecis known worldwide for the beauty of its landscapes, but also for its intense cold in winters.

Residents of a city neighborhood had been watching for almost 2 years a large street cat, which they affectionately named Baron. His dull and dull coat suggested that he lived alone on the streets.

The Good Samaritans have been giving him food and temporary shelter all this time. Despite several attempts to capture him safely, he unfortunately remained elusive.

“People would see the cat appear and then disappear for weeks. He was hard to spot, but neighbors would post on social media when they saw him.”explained a spokesman for the association Montreal orphan kittensat lovemeow.

“He ended up being very loving”

In January 2021, when the snow fell, the residents were very worried about the fate of the cat. And luckily the latter showed the tip of the nose.

He actually approached the house of a man who often gave him his attention.

He then contacted the organization Montreal orphan kittens so his volunteers help in his capture. A trapdoor cage filled with food that a street cat cannot resist has been placed in his garden.

And, as expected, Baron come in to enjoy the great meal.

“He finally allowed himself to be convinced, and his life as a stray was over”said the spokesman.

Baron joined a host family. The check-up at the vet revealed that he had FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), but luckily he’s doing like a charm.

In this new cozy environment, Baron turned out. He eventually became very tender and showed his delight in being pampered.

“We think he had a family long before he ended up outside. He is very nice. As soon as he arrived he started looking for attention”confirmed his benefactor.

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After 10 months in his foster family, the former street cat is ready for adoption. His coat is more beautiful than ever and his endearing personality will make him an excellent travel companion.

Let’s hope he meets furry masters soon so he can finally start the new chapter in his life.


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