A stray, skeletal puppy who had lost hope finds happiness again (video)

Donna Lochmanresponsible for Stray Rescue of St. Louis, has saved many animals in distress during his career. On September 30, the Good Samaritan explained to our colleagues at Dodo how she and her team members transformed the life of a stray puppy.

It all started with a simple photo, sent by the resident of a neighborhood. The shocking shot showed the canine lying near a sidewalk. Neither one nor two donna rushed there to learn more about this soul in pain.

He was lying in the water, probably to cool off as it was very hot said the lifeguard. Approaching the barefoot, she really saw the extent of the damage. ” He lifted his head, looked around, then let it fall back to the pavement, as if he had completely given up.has followed donna, it killed me. I told myself that I couldn’t leave him here. »

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On the way to a new life

The young dog was no more than a shadow of himself. His emaciated body and sad eyes were enough to break any heart. In addition to suffering the pangs of starvation and loneliness, the animal kissed the lips of the scorching sun. For his survival, he needed better shelter than the little shade lying on the ground.

As if he had understood the mission of donna and felt her good bottom, the skeletal pup made an effort to straighten up and follow her to her vehicle. As our colleagues from across the Channel have pointed out, no leash was necessary to board it.

In a video posted on Facebook, we can see that the pooch is wearing a collar. For his benefactress, he was certainly the victim of abandonment.

Once installed in the passenger seat, the survivor put his paws and seemed grateful to his rescuer. He thus took advantage of the freshness of the passenger compartment and an ounce of comfort. The asphalt has metamorphosed into a comfortable seat, and the star of the day has protected its long hot arms from the air conditioning.

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The dog has regained the hair of the beast

At the shelter, the black-robed canine was affectionately baptized curby. He was quickly placed in foster care. ” A couple saw the videohas indicated donna, the wife told her husband, “That dog shouldn’t stay in a shelter.” So they came for him. »

Today, curby thrives with its foster “parents”. He even made friends with the other dog in the house, against whom he loves to snuggle up to sleep. ” They are absolutely in love with himenthused the one who got him out of misery, he turned out to be the nicest dog ever. »

Since his rescue, curby gained weight. He also learned the meaning of the words “love” and “safety”.

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Illustration of the article: A stray and skeletal puppy who had lost hope finds happiness again (video)

© Stray Rescue of St. Louis


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