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A vet reveals the 5 dog breeds you should never buy

© A vet reveals the 5 dog breeds you should never buy

Among the 300 races dogs in the world, man has created some through certain forms of cross-breeding. Alas, we still too often associate some with congenital diseases and weaknesses. For the first time, a veterinarian breaks the silence. He agrees to reveal to you the five races he would never welcome in his home.

In the trade, this list gets a lot of ink flowing. Among his examples are indeed very popular pedigrees. Except no one specifies the extent of the danger to the future owner. You understood it, if you fell in love with one of these dogs, it is certain that it the bill will be salty. Between trips to specialists and treatments or surgeries, you risk blowing money!

5 dog breeds not recommended by vets

According to Ben Simpson-Vernon, we should Absolutely avoid mixing. In other words, if you encounter dogs of this kind on your way, run away at full speed. Despite their aesthetic originality, it is not worth the almost unnecessary risks.

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Chow Chow

The do not have a correct attitude to their masters. Remote, wary, these dogs do not like to be approached too much. So imagine when it comes to a healthcare professional! To add to the horror, an eye problem prevents them from enjoying life.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Despite her loving side with children, a heart disease destroy everything. Once spread, it prevents these dogs from breathing properly. Seeing him suffer is unbearable.

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The dachshund, the tekel or the dachshund

A quarter of these dogs suffer from back problems. On the pain scale, it goes from temporary to crippling. In addition, the dog breed specialist points out that he has virtually no spinal surgery. Imagine the stress when the verdict was handed down


Thanks to its folds, it can be seen from thousands of kilometers around. Moreover, during his studies, this doctor was surprised that a pathology bears his name. And with good reason, skin problems spreads with lightning speed. To prevent the hair from blocking their eyes, several technical manipulations are necessary. The icing on the cake, these dogs often attack their masters in the face!

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pugs, french bulldogs, bulldogs

They are his favorite dogs. Especially those with gills, if face is legendary.

A vet reveals the 5 dog breeds you should never buy
Source: Instagram screenshot

Apart from behind the scenes, they chain the worries. Muscle pain, skin and eye problems, women absolutely must have a caesarean section. The fault with… their head and shoulders too high!



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