A woman chases after her escaped parrot and discovers an incredible thing

A woman chases after her escaped parrot and discovers an incredible thing

Parrots have the same intelligence level than monkeyssmaller than great apes and much less intelligent than two-year-olds, but they also show us that they are capable of adopting an animal different from their species and they have big hearts.

A woman chases after her runaway parrot and discovers an incredible thing:

The woman followed her parrot to see where it went, unaware that she was about to find out that she had adopted three kittens. On social media, especially on TikTok, videos about the good deeds of animals are often trending. Recently, a video uploaded showed a parrot taking over the care of adorable kittens.

Fourteen years ago, a couple took in a bird named Louro. Unlike others, they gave him the freedom to come and go in their home without locking him in a cage. For this reason, he took the opportunity to make his own nest in a tree.

Recently, this couple’s wife noticed that their bird “arrogant” had been missing for three consecutive nights. So she made a plan to uncover the mystery and followed him one day when she saw him walking without permission.

As she walked, she heard strange noises that caught her attention. That’s when she approached and noticed the presence of helpless kittens.

Fortunately, this woman and her family decided to adopt them so they are safe in a loving home. Louro was happy to hear the news, because he knew he would always stay with the kittens.

Her husband used his account called @joseheber2, with the aim of spreading the images of this story on TikTok. The video was then shared over 882,600 times and thus caused a stir on the social network.

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