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A young woman feeds a stray dog, then he takes his friends to feed them

All of us who have good friends care for them and want them to be healthy and not in need and are ready to help them if something happens to them. The same applies to animals that normally live in groups. They care about the members of their community and want their needs basics are met, especially when it comes to stray animals who have to live their daily lives and struggle to survive.

When a dog lives on the street, it has to endure many difficult and trying times, and one of them is finding food or water. Dogs tend to be domesticated and don’t usually live alone in the wild, they tend to roam cities in search of human help whenever possible. When food is scarce, beautiful people are ready to give them what they haveeven if it’s a little.

© TikTok / carmen_morgan21

This is the case of Carmen Morgan, who loves a stray dog ​​who came to the neighborhood where she lives, she considers him a little dog angel who came to the right place to ask for food and help. Carmen named him Superman, his story went viral when she put him in a red cape and took pictures of him, which she then uploaded to social media, making everyone fall in love with him.

As the days passed, the two became more and more attached to each other. She did everything she could to help him and whenever she could she gave him some food. He was a bit thin and he needed to recover all the times where he had previously been hungry. Thank God there are people like Carmen in the world.

A street dog brings his friends to a young girl to feed them.

© TikTok / carmen_morgan21

But there is something that surprised Carmen, it was that the animal was not actually the only one that was hungry. One day, when she went to find Superman, she realized that he was not alone and that there were other members of his group waiting for help. She understood that the dog had brought his friends to be fed with him as well.

Carmen couldn’t believe her eyes. She was amazed at Superman’s intelligence. In fact, she found it very curious be able to communicate with his friends, informing them of this source of food that he had found and that he is ready to share it, that is something truly honorable. The dog was not only concerned with his own well-being, but that of his entire pack.

Dogs are really a good example that we should look up to, they show that they are not selfish at all and think as a group and not how they can individually benefit from it. Superman was willing to accept less food so his friends could get food too. However, Carmen decided to increase the food ration so that everyone could eat at least a little.

Carmen recorded the whole situation and shared the story on social media, which again went viral like the first one where she explained how she met Superman. She commented that the new canine guests had a good attitude and appeared to have been tamed once. At no time and under any circumstances did they show any negative or aggressive attitude, but on the contrary they were very loving and friendly dogs.

Carmen also said that the name she gave the dog was perfect because without knowing it at the time, Superman was already a great hero who took care of his friends. All the comments praised him for his attitude and also thanked Carmen for being so generous to the animals in the area and feeding them all.



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