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ABC Carcassonne and its boxers ready for the final of the Occitanie championship at home

The Carcassonne ABC (boxing and cultural association) is this year to organize the finals of the Occitanie championship. The competition will take place on Saturday 5 November at Charles-Cros gymnasium.

It had been a long time since the boxers from ABC Carcassonne had fought at home to the applause of their families and friends. This will be the case on Saturday 5 November at the Charles-Cros high school on the occasion of the final of the Occitanie championship. “The last time we organized the regional finals was in the 90s. This year, as we had young people involved in these finals, we applied to organize the event”, details coach Mohamed Bouhenia. This Saturday, he expects that no less than a thousand spectators will attend the forty scheduled matches.

Coach Mohamed Bouhenia in the middle of the club’s two competitors.

Forty games

As a starting point, four boxers from the club were to participate in the competition. Unfortunately, two of them were injured. It is then Adam Bouhenia (16 years, 75 kg) and Enzo Borrel (21 years, 51 kg) who will represent ABC’s colours.

I had never wrestled at home before

For Adam, the final of the Occitanie championship will be the first. But he knows the competition. In April last year, the teenager excelled at the French championships, where he managed to climb to the final. On Saturday he will fight Arthur Billotet, the current holder of the title of champion of the Occitania cadet.

Adam Bouhenia and Enzo Borrel.

Adam Bouhenia and Enzo Borrel.

“At the moment I’m calm. I don’t feel the pressure too much, but on D-Day I don’t think I can escape it. The strange thing is fighting in Carcassonne, I’ve never felt like that before. happened before. All the competitions I have participated in have been held outdoors”says the young man.

We have no choice, we must honor

This weekend his friend Enzo will challenge his title as regional champion. He will face Théo Ticout, an opponent he knows since last year, it was against this same boxer he won the competition. Carcassonne speaks for itself “ready for war”. “We have been preparing for this meeting since the start of the school year. For three weeks, the rhythm has intensified. We train twice a day, all week. The physical, the technical, the mental, nothing is left to chance.”emphasizes the boxer, who is eager to make a difference this Saturday: “We play at home. In addition, it is our club that organizes, there will be our Carcassonne audience, our families, our friends, our colleagues. We have no choice, we have to honor! On my side, I think I have my chances”.

Four other ABC boxers are fighting this Saturday out of competition: Yanis Atrous (69 kg), Wassim Amali (86 kg), Shahine Del Socorro (81 kg) and Enzo Gimenez.

Finals of the Occitanie championship on Saturday 5 November at Charles-Cros high school, avenue Jules-Verne, Carcassonne. From 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Prices: 7 euros on the stands and 10 euros on the chairs located around the ring.


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