According to this study, French cuisine would only be the 9th best cuisine in the world

According to this study, French cuisine would only be the 9th best cuisine in the world

An Atlas of Taste

Taste Atlas is the name of this Bulgarian site, which aims to collect the best local recipes and the best addresses in all countries of the world. It would be too stupid to order pizzas, no matter where you go on a trip, the Taste Atlas dissects you the local specialties, is full of recipes, small authentic addresses and compiles the national dishes so that they absolutely taste when you visit a city or country . Therefore, without surprise, the site will advise you not to leave Brussels without having tasted a waffle, an Americano or carbonades and will give you the best addresses where you can taste them.

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Thus, the site sets up several interesting rankings, such as that of the best local dish by country, that of the best restaurant in the largest cities of the world and finally, based on the opinions of its readers and its 135,000 fans on social networks, a ranking of ” The world’s best kitchens “, the best kitchen in the world. This last ranking is somewhat surprising. If it is not very surprising to see Italian cuisine arrive at the top of the ranking, internet users were surprised to see French gastronomy move down to 9th place after Spain, India or even the United States. In second place, the place names Greek cuisine, famous for Kalamata olive oil or for saganaki, this traditional crepe filled with meat and cheese. Then comes the local Spanish cuisine for its art Jamoniberian ham…

Despite the purists, Greek cuisine is in the top 3 of this ranking

France in 9th place

Thus, France is only in 9th place, based on its cheeses, croissants, brioches, macaroons or foie gras. The restaurants recommended by the site are always true defenders of the local cuisine, and although these addresses are sometimes touristic, they sublimate the country’s gastronomic heritage. Therefore, a site you can consult if you travel to a country whose local cuisine you know nothing about.

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