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Adorable kitten tries to befriend a dog who seems disinterested at first, but eventually lets go (video)

Bailey, the Golden Retriever, is a real star on social media thanks to his adventures and his altruism towards other animals. This time, his 500,000 subscribers were delighted to discover his budding friendship with a kitten in search of his love.

Tarasthat lives on Costa del Sol in Spainis the proud owner of Baileyan adorable Golden Retriever born on January 17, 2018.

The master of the doggy shares the daily life of his faithful 4-legged friend on social networks. To date, the dog has more than 500,000 subscribers on YouTube, thanks mainly to his devotion to other animals.

We had already told you the story of his adoption of a rabbit brought home by Taras.

This time, the latter welcomed into his home a kitten that was barely a few weeks old. The baby did not have time to complete its weaning and socialization with its mother and therefore sought to befriend the big, fluffy doggy.

We can actually find the young feline getting closer by crawling on its fragile legs until it snuggles up against the dog’s fur.

If the latter seems at first too exhausted to take on the responsibilities of an adoptive parent, his tail movement will nevertheless show that he is unable to remain insensitive to this little creature in need of love.

A moving interspecies relationship

As usual, the scene was published on August 13, 2022 on the YouTube account This is Bailey met with great success.

Admittedly, the baby snuggling under the dog’s left ear is awfully endearing. He enjoys this comforting moment and benefits from the comforting warmth of his new mentor.

“It’s hard to tell how Bailey felt about the kitten until he started showing his happiness by gently wagging his tail! Suffice it to say, he was happy to finally have her by his side! I love Bailey”wrote a fan in the video comment.

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The doggy has indeed shown unsurpassed delicacy towards this frail little creature, who is still clumsy in his movements.

A true friendship emerged, much to my relief Taras who now knows that her young feline will never feel alone again.




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