Advanced technology for confident walking on icy surfaces

Snowstorms, extreme cold and icy pavements, winter comes with its share of bad weather! To face these winter conditions and walk with confidence, opt for boots equipped with anti-slip technology.

When it comes to dressing well for the winter season, there is one destination: L’Équipeur.

This Canadian retailer knows how different our winters can be depending on our region, which is why they offer a range of proven products, including non-slip boots with IceFX® technology that offer increased safety, comfort and confidence on every outing .

The benefits of turning to IceFX® technology

L’Équipeur offers an exclusive collection of boots adapted specifically to the reality of cold countries with ground-breaking IceFX® technology, which provides advanced grip on icy surfaces.

It is thanks to two key elements, among other things, that this exclusive range of non-slip boots will allow you to brave the bad weather of winter.

Firstly, an innovative sole design will give you improved ground contact in the forefoot and heel. Then the outer sole is made of a soft and flexible rubber that provides good performance in the cold.

Two innovations for walking on icy surfaces

ICELANDIC GRIP® grip: Abrasive fiber-like material designed to grip wet ice.

GREEN DIAMOND® grip: Synthetic quartz integrated into the rubber for optimal grip on icy surfaces.

A technology tested in the laboratory

In various independent studies conducted by the KITE Research Institute in Toronto, various winter boots popular in Canada were tested by biomedical engineers on two kinds of icy surfaces: wet ice and cold ice.

Result: a collection of boots equipped with IceFX® technology, offered exclusively at L’Équipeur, is part of the small selection of models that passed the test.

Here are more details about the course of this test


Boot styles for every taste

WindRiver, Helly Hansen, Dakota, Denver Hayes and more: L’Équipeur offers IceFX® technology in models for men, women and children, and soon for dogs too!

So whether you’re walking around town or working on a construction site, everyone will find the right boot to face winter with confidence.

An exclusive range of non-slip boots with IceFX® technology

Visit L’Equipeur website to shop for your winter gear and find your model of non-slip boots with IceFX® technology.

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